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Who We Are

You are our foundation.

We are all about you – our customers. This is the reason why the Car-Scrap management and employees have continued, since day one, to explore ways on how to make the whole process of car scrapping easy and convenient for you.

You have a long list of choices, why choose Car-Scrap?

We know this is the first question you’d ask. In order to answer that, you need to see the Vision, Mission, and the History of our business.


With all the things you’re doing, we know the last thing you need is to listen to long explanations of what you need to sign and the effects of such. Thus, here at Car Scrap, we reduce the time for documentation to a bare minimum. In fact, we get to the bottomline and tell you straight what information you need to know and which documents you need to sign. Then, we work on the whole processing until the last step is accomplished. We do this through a hassle-free and a very transparent system that we have developed over the years.



We work with integrity and honesty that’s why we give you the correct pricing upfront. We don’t believe in haggling, and we won’t let you feel the need to do that. We give the best price to you the moment you come to us. We make sure that this price is the best that can be offered for your car model. Our goal is to show you right away that this is the business that will give you the right price for your car and you don’t need to look some place else. How do we make it possible? We directly deal with car exporters who can give you the best price.


In the several years that we have been in the car-scrapping industry, we have learned that time is of the essence to our customers. You don’t want to constantly wait for something you’re not sure when to come. Since our business started, we have always pursued that path to efficiency for our clients’ sake. Thus, in all our years of service, we’ve never engaged in other affairs or diverted our focused in other endeavors, but instead focused on one single service – Car Scrapping. Therefore, you’re sure that we are the true leaders in the industry.