Congratulations on your decision to finally dispose of your car. In a country like Singapore where the transportation system has been continually evolving at a fast pace, losing a car is more of an acquisition rather than a loss. We’ve already written about the advantages of disposing your car rather than keeping it or buying a new one.

One of which is the high cost of documentation and taxes for owning a car. So instead of getting money from your pocket, why not earn from getting your car scrapped and from getting your rebates for the unused and valid Preferential Additional Registration Fee/COE?

If that sounds like a good option, let’s now look at the factors to determine the value of your car. This article will give you an idea of the amount a reliable scrap car Singapore company will give you.


The Basics

The newer, the better. Of course, that’s the rule with cars as well as with other goods. If your car is still in good condition and it’s a newer model, chances are you will get a good price for your car. However, if your car was involved in an accident, has parts that are not working, or is totally wrecked, then you can expect a lower price for your car. At the end of the day, the condition, model, year, and make of your car matter most.


Proof of Ownership and Tax Settlement

Before getting your car scrapped, you have to present all the documents necessary to prove your registration and ownership of the car. Show your Certificate of Entitlement, the sales documents of your car, and all the other documents involving your car ownership. You also have to get the necessary papers proving that you already paid all the taxes and fees of your car.


Usage Information

Some car scrapping companies will even ask for documents showing all the transactions of repairs and maintenance of your car. These documents are your proof of the good condition of your car. If you show these competent documents, then you’re up for a good exchange price. Should you lose your copy of these papers, you can ask for the car repair company to secure a copy for you.

Aside from these pertinent records, car scrapping companies will also consider the mileage of your car and the conditions of the other parts. Proofs of regular car maintenance and few to no repair work done on your car that’s running in a good condition are a plus for you.


The Weight of your Car

Finally, but most importantly, they will look at the weight of your car. If you want to know beforehand what the weight of your car is, you can actually engage the services of vehicle weight businesses to get unbiased and more accurate results.

They can even evaluate the types of metals and materials present in your car so you will have an idea about the real value of your car. The different metals present in your car are stainless steel, copper, aluminum, lead, and more. Check out the prices of some here.

The other components of your car such as the wheel, the sound system, tailgates, and more will also play a huge part in determining the price of your car. Take them into consideration before making a request for the price of your car. Your best option is to know the weight and metal types of your car prior to getting it scrapped.