When your beloved car turns 10 years old, you need to bid it farewell and prepare to have it scrapped. Even though this process may be painful, you need to abide by the rules and accomplish this task. Just think of it as your contribution to improve Singapore so everyone will have more room for homes and other important establishments. Otherwise, you will violate the law and your car will take up much-needed space on the road. Before you go through this arduous task, there are certain steps you need to do first. Here are some of those tasks to help you be more familiar with them.

Clear every item inside your car

When it comes to belongings, a car is just like a house. After a long amount of time, you will accumulate and store a lot of stuff inside your car. These items include pillows, a dash camera, charging cables, and even important documents. At the same time, your car will also accumulate a lot of receipts, dust, and other forms of dirt as well. Before you head on out and bring your vehicle to a car scrap dealer, you need to gather these things and take them out of the car right away.

Have your Certificate of Entitlement bid out

In Singapore, every car owner has a Certificate of Entitlement for their respective vehicle. This document shows that a person is eligible to own a motor vehicle and has passed the requirements to do so. In order to regulate the amount of cars in Singapore, the government has limited the approval of this particular document. Once 10 years has passed and you no longer plan to own a car, you should return your Certificate of Entitlement so it can bid by other people. This is needed for other people to own their own cars as well.

Take the license plates out

Leaving the license plate on your car as it is about to be scrapped can be trouble for you. Along with the Certificate of Entitlement, you need to return your car’s license plate to the Ministry of Transport for their record purposes. If you fail to do this, you might have to pay a fine for not returning the plate.

Drain the gasoline and other fluids from your car

Before you have your car scrapped, you need to drain all the fluids in it. This includes the gasoline, engine oil, and coolant, among others. This should be done so these fluids won’t cause any harm when your car is scrapped. Otherwise, these fluids can start a fire or cause a disease when a human being comes into close contact with them.

Find a reliable towing trunk to transport your car

After taking out the gasoline and other fluids in your vehicle, it won’t be able to run anymore. You should then call on a professional towing company to transport your car to have it scrapped. You need to make sure the towing company is experienced in these matters and trained to transport your car well.