“Who needs a car in Singapore?,” say most tourists who travel this island country with convenience and less effort.

Just this month, Singapore was named the world’s most welcoming city for tourists by Travel Index. Thanks to its advanced and efficient airport and transportation systems, its low to no crime rate, and its citizens’ willingness to accommodate tourists. But what most people rave about Singapore is its world-class train system that can take you anywhere without a hassle.

Photo from LTA

With the opening of 16 new train stations this 2017, more and more citizens are discouraged to buy a car. These developments will also get those with their own vehicles thinking if it’s still worth it to keep their cars. If you’re one of these Singaporean citizens who are thinking about de-registering your car, let us guide you through the whole process from step one.


Get Authorization for the Scrapping Procedure

Since every vehicle owner cannot use his car after ten years of usage unless he revalidates his Certificate of Entitlement (CoE), he is also responsible for the de-registration and disposal of the said vehicle. The first thing you need to do is to get your car scrapped. Yes, you cannot drive or even keep your car once its CoE has lost its validity.

You need to secure a transaction PIN from the Land Transportation Authority before you even start disposing your de-registered vehicle. You can conveniently go to the e-Services page of One Motoring to get the necessary PIN after logging in.


Secure the Necessary Documents

You’ll need to fill up a form called Application for Deregistration of a Vehicle and Grant of PARF/COE Rebate(s). This is a very important step since you need to present this to the scrapyard of the Land Transportation Authority or to the private company where you choose to have your car scrapped. Some of these private businesses will handle this documentation for you so that’s less hassle. You also need to present your National Registration Identity Card, showing that you have no unpaid taxes involving the vehicle.


Get your Car Scrapped

You can either get your car scrapped in a scrapyard authorized by the the Land Transportation Authority or find a reputable car scrapping company to handle the disposal for you. Choosing a private car scrapping company is a wiser option, of course, especially if you find a business that gives you the price you want without haggling.

Note that you can also have your car exported if it’s in a good working condition, which is not always the case because of a different landscape in car manufacturing in Singapore.


Submit Proof of Disposal 

Lastly, you’d want to get your rebate for the unused and valid Preferential Additional Registration Fee/COE. This is one of the perks in choosing to dispose your car to help Singapore reduce traffic and improve environmental conditions therein. Note that the earlier you dispose of your car, the higher the rebate you’ll get.