Once your car’s Certificate of Entitlement has expired, it’s either you get a new one or have it renewed right away. If you opt for the former, the next logical course of action is to have your old car scrapped. This is done so your current vehicle won’t take up space or be a cause of accident on the road. Furthermore, old cars are also proven to contribute to air pollution as well.

But before you go ahead and have your car scrapped, it’s important to preserve its value and quality for more profit on your end. Here are some simple steps you can do to ensure this happens.


The specific month of the year is a factor

Although the urgency of having your car scrapped is important, the time of the year also plays a vital role. It’s best to undergo this task during the summer when the weather is pleasant. During the rainy season is a different story.

Since there will be a lot of typhoons hitting Singapore, your car will be exposed to a lot of wind and water. These elements spur the growth of rust on the metal parts and surfaces of your car. As a result, its value will stumble down. As much as possible, do try to protect your car from these elements before you have it scrapped.


Have it scrapped immediately

Speaking of rust, there are also a lot of factors that will lower the value of your car if you don’t have it scrapped as soon as possible. Before these harmful substances and situations occur, you should go ahead and hire a scrap car services Singapore company. In doing so, you are getting the maximum value for your vehicle without any compromises. If your car has already passed the 10-year mark, don’t waste time and accomplish this deed today.


Determine the prices of scrap metal

The prices of scrap metal in Singapore fluctuate on a daily basis. The rates for scrap metal might be good on one day while it might plummet the following. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these prices so you can have an idea how much you will receive when you have your car scrapped.


Find out how much your car weighs

Along with the information of scrap metal rates, it’s also vital for you to determine how much your car weighs. If it’s heavier, it only means your car contains a lot of metal parts that can provide a lot of profit on your end. Bigger cars, like Sports Utility Vehicles and Pick-up trucks, will net a higher profit than sedans if you have it scrapped.


Try to look for multiple quotes to get the best price possible

Just like with any other service, you shouldn’t go with just one company. What you should do is go around and search for other car scrapping companies to know their respective rates. Once you have found one to your liking, you should also find out what kind of service they deliver and if they have any bad reviews. What’s important is how fast they can accomplish the job and how much you are getting in return.