2018 is fast approaching, which means we, together with all our items are also getting a year older. As we leave 2017, we also have to make tough choices so as not to waste another year of our lives.

Some of us have to say goodbye to their current jobs to pursue a different career path. Some have to make difficult steps to take their businesses a notch higher. Some have to sell their beloved properties to buy a better replacement or simply out of necessity.

Here in Singapore, one of the best decisions you can ever make for 2018 is to get your nearly ten year old car scrapped in an authorized junkyard or car scrapping company. If ever you wonder how your car ranks in terms of value, read more. We’re giving you a list of cars that companies deem as valuable.


Cars with low mileage

Certainly, car scrapping companies look at the mileage of your car as one of the factors in determining its value. It’s always better to get your car scrapped earlier in a country like Singapore. There are many reasons why, including the high rebates you’ll get if you surrender it earlier or the higher scrap value of the car if the mileage is not too high.

After all, there’s not much use for a personal car when you have all the convenience you can get through the public modes of transportation in Singapore.


Heavy cars

Steel, aluminum, and copper are the top reasons why car scrapping companies are thriving. They actually earn from getting these parts of your car, and metal comprises 65% of the total mass of your car. The heavier the car, the higher the scrap value as well.


Drivable cars

Not all cars that are sold to car scrapping companies are meant to be scrapped. If your car is still running, then they are expected to give you a better price for it. Some car scrapping companies even export cars that are still in good condition or sell them in groups to car companies. Drivable cars are certainly more valuable than those which are not.


Newer cars

The reason is very obvious. Newer cars are those with the highest value, so you can expect to get a good price if you decide to get your car scrapped earlier. As we said, if still in good condition, car scrapping companies will most likely sell your car as is or export it. Don’t feel so bad at all because you can also get higher rebates if you decide to let go of your car that is relatively new.


Cars with no record of accidents

Finally, car scrapping companies don’t only look at the year your car was manufactured. They also look at its record of repair or its involvement in road accidents. Serviceability and value of the car is always affected by the fact that it figured in a car mishap. Even if your car is new, if it was already severely damaged due to an accident, you cannot expect a car scrapping company to give you the ceiling price.